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Avengers Infinity Wars Knows What Is Fundamental in Real Estate!

Avengers Infinity Wars Knows What Is Fundamental in Real Estate!

Spiderman knows what’s important in real estate







Love having fun and love making everything connect back to real estate.  So why not popular movies?  Avengers Infinity Wars, seemingly now the best box office release ever has a great line in it that connects this movie to what’s most important in real estate.

Don’t worry, the goal is not to spoil anything for those of you who haven’t seen the movie yet.

While there is lots of fighting, (I know suprise suprise in a super hero movie) Spiderman has a great line to Iron Man.  Forgive me if I don’t remember word for word.  Spiderman says “What good is a friendly neighborhood spiderman if there is no neighborhood.”

That’s it.  So important and so deep, that statement says it all.  Real Estate is local.  Real Estate is all about the neighborhood.  Every neighborhood has a different flavor and different characteristics.  And of course every neighborhood has different home values.  Spiderman is so smart!  I think he’s going to have a 2nd career like many normal people (over 1 million strong nationwide) and become a Realtor.

I welcome him!

Way to go Marvel, and way to go Avenger’s Infinity War movie.  All great movies and pop culture should have real estate references.

By the way, go see the movie.  It’s fun.